An Esthetics Experience

Derma Treatments


Starts at $115
Classic euro tx. Customized to your unique skin type, this facial includes skin analysis, cleanse, exfoliation, extractions, masque, facial massage & corrective products. Add on Retinol for a skin boost for $20 more.

Vitamin Sea

Dive into new skin with this antioxidant packed renewal treatment. With bursts of citrus and nutritive algae, this powerhouse facial helps draw out toxins and replenish essential vitamins and minerals lost due elemental exposure. Great for acne, aging, uneven/pigmented, dull skin. Add ‘electric’ for a deeper detox $25.

Most Dope

‘Full Spectrum’ CBD infused Facial. Fly into relax & destress with this calm treatment. Healing and Soothing, CBD has anti-inflammatory & anti-bacterial properties, helping aid in the recovery of sore muscles & stressed skin. #1 Facial for sensitive skin conditions such as eczema, rosacea, & psoriasis.

The Exclusive

“Golden Facial!” This treatment is your ticket to deep relaxation. Loaded with all your essential skincare needs and packed with the best techniques to offer complete bliss and tranquility from start to finish. Dip into a paraffin wax hand warming treatment, facial, neck, & décolleté hot stone massage, exclusive double contour masques, & an awakening scalp renewal treatment. Melt into oblivion!

Derma Treatment Add-ons

O2 Glow Up

ultimate brightening Blast! PCA oxy- trio rejuvenates and stimulating blood circulation to deliver vital oxygen, water, and nutrients to tired deprived skin. Perfect pre special occasion.


Deep Detoxification! Purify and zap away imperfections and clogged pores, manipulating the skin with high-frequency & bt microcurrent skin stimulation. Finish with LED blue light therapy to kill acne causing bacteria.

Skin Deep Treatments


Client favorite! The Dermaplaning Super-exfoliation. A MUST! Remove layers of dead skin cells and peach fuzz to promote smooth, even-textured glowing skin. Great for fine lines and acne scars. Promotes deeper product absorption.

Starts at $95

Add Facial

Add Peel

Chemical Peel

Results! PCA Chemical Peel are a light to moderate peel. Stimulating the skin for a deep skin exfoliation, allowing products to work at a cellular level to help tighten, smooth, and improve the texture of the skin. Very effective at treating aging, pigmented, acne, and rosacea skin conditions. For desired results several peels may be necessary-purchase in a series at a discounted price.

Starts at $115